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Contact us or email us at:

Laura 503-569-7544


We currently serve 5 shelters - Center for Hope and Safety, Family Promise, Taylor's House, St. Francis, and Simonka. Due to COVID, we are not able to host actual parties at this time. However, we continue to support all the shelters with a "birthday in a box." It is only because of generous donations from community members and organizations that we are able to continue this work. Shelter managers share that these parties have an incredibly positive impact on the kids, especially during this time. 

While financial donations are always appreciated, we also continue to take donations of toys and gift cards. We also have some specialized needs related to crafting or cake/frosting/pan "kits." If you are interested in learning more about any of these, please call/text/email Laura (see contact information above.) 

And again, THANK YOU for your continued support! YOU are making a positive difference in the lives of children!

Get involved!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you to the many donors who are creating memories for children by making these parties possible!

Sisters of St Dominic of Tacoma

Hannah Phipps

Cathy McCinnis & Katie's Love

FAST Enterprises

Church of Nazarine - Oasis group

South Salem Lions Club

Arizon Cuello

Emmeline Jenkins

Nichelle Coria

Sunrise Rotary

East Salem Rotary

LDS Chapman Hill Ward

Mark Wade and son

Elks Lodge

Betty Hart

Steph Galford & Mike

Marg Wigg

Nancy Ingerson & Connie and Dolores

Kathy Lawrence & daughters and grandson

JC Penneys

Tia York and Family
Ms Whitaker and her 2nd grade students at Hallman Elementary
Sprague GSA Club
Salem Keizer Education Association
Ann Jenkins
Sammy Alexamder
Marilyn Daberkow
Tim Gonzales
Roger and Diane Webster
Devin & Jaden Perez
Jean Fleck
Cassie and Candy Castro
American Family Insurance
John Whitney
Mark Olson
Wesley Anderson
Keizer Chamber
Women's Alliance, Unitarian Church
Salem-Keizer Newcomer's Club

Harry Munson
Keizer Rotary
Keizer Fire Department
Tokyo International 
Susan and Steve Bearden
Susie Francois
Christy Perry
Western Oregon University students
Straub Middle School Leadership class
Senaida Rivera
Marco Polo Restaurant
JT Hammond - Graphic Design Artist
Ellie and Robert Hammond
Tire Experts
Ike Box
Courthouse Tennis
Christina Hair Salon
Julie Nadeau
Ed and Janet Webster
Amy Dale
Jennie Pino (in honor of her daughter, Grace, age 6)
Boletta Fretheim
Patty Rivera
Debbie Latham
Stephanie Hodges & Family
Cathy Judson
KMUZ Radio
Amber Dawn Owens Graham
Adam Matot
Barb Bamford
Olivia Kunkel
Jen Thompson Jenkins
Salem Assistance League
Suzi & Alexa Smith

Ashley, Ben, Kyah & Sophie


How you can help or get involved?


​​​​​How can you help or get involved?